Caff Aficionado (G/F) - With an artistic theme through the door, uniforms and tabletops, the causal all day dining restaurant to offers the best in Oriental and Western fare around the clock. An open kitchen counter prepares the freshest sandwiches, grilled and roasted items for time conscious passengers.
Dragon Inn (G/F) - This Northern Chinese restaurant serves a selection of Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan dishes in a decor reminiscent of the golden era of Shanghai. Rustic decor and complementary uniforms provide the restaurant with enormous appeal and a charming atmosphere.
Rouge (1/F) - A Cantonese restaurant which offers a diversified variety of dim sum for lunch and afternoon tea. A sumptuous a la carte menu with emphasis on seafood, shark's fin and bird's nest is available. Private dining rooms are ideal for parties and social functions. The restaurant decor is contemporary and in harmony with the overall hotel design.
Lobby Lounge (2/F) - Surrounded by greenery and water features, the lobby Lounge is an ideal venue for a leisurely afternoon tea and a quick bite while waiting for departure or meeting friends. A wide selection of cocktails and light snacks is available.

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